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Last Week’s Digest December 30, 2011

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Don’t be shy, just a few questions 😉

Last Wednesday, Liisi and Aydan, the volunteers of USB office, were on roads for making interviews about LGBT people. They asked 5 determinative questions for learning people’s thoughts about homosexuality in Aristotle University of Thessalonica student campus.

The questions are as follow:

1)     Are you in favor or against the legalization of homosexual marriage?

2)     Would you have a problem if a gay person holds an important place in public life?

3)    a) Do you think lesbian women hate men?

b) Do you think that in any homosexual relationship, one has male and the other one has the female role?

4)     Do you know any gay bars or restaurants or both of them in Thessalonica?

5)     What will be your reaction if you see a homosexual couple kissing in street?

After their interview adventure, Aydan and Liisi said that they met different types of people: shy ones, chatty ones, snobbish ones etc. Some of them didn’t want to talk to them, some of them wanted to talk but not to be recorded. And they also noticed that the most interesting point was guys were more uncommunicative than the girls. In summary, they tasted the pulse of people about LGBT issue.


USB office was full of French accent 🙂

On Wednesday, two French EVS volunteers fromCorinthvisited USB office and got around Thessalonica with other volunteers from USB.

After an exciting travel within the city, they gave a coffee break. Of course a coffee break, because Greeks always have time to have a coffee break 😉


Making it live makes it more vivid!

USB volunteers, Liisi and Aydan, made a live radio show on Thursday. They were on air for half an hour and talked about various subjects such as their recent visit to Aristotle University of Thessalonica campus in order to ask their opinion about LGBT community in Greece, then they discussed about different breakfast habits, and then about snow names in different countries, and new film of Sherlock Holmes 2 that is coming to cinemas soon. In addition, they informed people about their live show on Facebook page of USB. Another show maybe will be on air on 11th of January and you can listen to them by this link: http://www.usb-onair.gr/



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