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About Us

United Societies of Balkans is a local
non-profit organization which was founded in Thessaloniki in 2008 by a group of active young people experienced in voluntary programmes, socially sensitive and with a vision to mobilize the youth and make them active in voluntarism, sensitize them around social concerns and give them access to knowledge.

The Balkans and Eastern Europe are geographical regions rich in cultural diversity and thus offer a wide range of actions and activities.

The organization was created under the rapid changes around the Balkans and Eastern Europe and the need to act in order to create a better social environment for the region.


The main objectives of the organization are:

To break down the prejudices and stereotypes among the Balkan countries.

To find and multiply the diverse cultural characteristics of our societies.

To build bridges of healthy collaboration between the Balkan and Eastern Europe with the rest of Europe.

To deal with minorities and immigrants.

To promote human rights, solidarity and respect for the different.

To promote the values of non formal education, voluntarism, active citizenship and democracy in order to create a better future for the European youth.


Our organization is a non-profit organization aiming at youth mobility and sensitizing them in social issues. The monetary support for the actions taken by United Societies of Balkans comes from donations, sponsoring, voluntary subscriptions of friends and members of the organization and from national and societal sources of  organizations such as the National Agency of European programmes of E.E. Nea Genia and Eurodesk and Youth Institute, the Council of Europe, The Institution of European Youth  (IKY), European Commission, Greek Institution of Culture – Anna Lindh et.al.



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