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Alternatives in Italy, Spain and Greece December 15, 2014

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In the last few years in southern Europe historical parties are losing acceptance and many movements  are replacing them.
This is happening specially in Spain and Italy, where Podemos and Movimento 5 stelle achieved to be very rappresentative in the political scene.

After the European elections Movimento 5 stelle in Italy and Podemos in Spain received a big responsibility from their electors. The first movement achieved more or less the 21% of the votes and the second one about the 8%. The italian movement wants to change radically the structure of the European Union and its “levent_20744404eader” Beppe Grillo also proposed to organize a referendum to “let the italians free” to choose if they still want to be part of this international partnership.The opinion of Pablo Iglesias is quite different from Grillo’s. Podemos and its leader prefer to fight for a different Europe, more social and less financial, more democratic and less bureaucratic, but they still want to be part of it.

These two parties are also subverting the structure of the national political system but Movimento 5 stelle was not and is not strong enough to transform it totally and right now is losing the support of part of its voters. Abo8122_630_354ut Spain the situation seems different. Podemos now is the first party in its country and in 2015 the national elections will take place in Spain. Now in the polls Podemos has not a big majority and if this scenario will be the same in few months it will be difficult for Spain to have a strong government.

Also in Greece in the last few years the situation changed drastically but is not comparable with Italy and Spain. Indeed the power of traditional parties is still very strong and they control the political system. However we have to underline a radicalization of politics. Syriza and Golden Dawn are two parties that represent it. The first one was originally founded as a coalition and in 2012 became definitively a party. Syriza initially was a radical left party but now is composed of many groups, also more moderate. The party was the first in the european election in 2014 and now is still the most popular. For this reason the situation in Greece is particalexis-tsipras-syrizaularly complicated after the decision of the Premier Samaras to move up the elections of the President of the Republic.

Movimento 5 stelle, Podemos and Syriza have also another peculiarity in common: a charismatic leader. These “parties” consider very important a strong participation but the role of the leader seems essential to keep unified the various groups taking part in the life of the parties.

As we can see these countries are sharing a period of transformations. Now we’ve to wait to understand where these changes will lead them.

Tommaso Sartori



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