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Μετέωρα November 26, 2014

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The Monasteries of Meteora are located in the nord of Greece, in Thessaly (Περιφέρεια Θεσσαλίας ), and the meaning of their name is “monasteries suspended in the sky”. UNESCO World Heritage since 1988, are inhabited since the XIV Century and is one of the largest and most important complexes of Greek Ortodox Monasteries. In total six monasteries built on natural and particular sandstone pillars. The nearest village is Kalabaka, peaceful village with 11,000 of population.IMG_9230 copy

In the location of 10670136_10152832183953363_7353910058273345934_nthese towering rock masses stood, hundreds of thousands of years ago, a large river flowed into the sea of Thessaly. When this river found a new outlet in the Aegean Sea, under the action of erosion and earthquakes where collapsed and gave birth to this strange landscape.
The rock formations where monasteries were built would be the earliest Christian writings as ” the rocks sent by heaven to earth ” to allow the Greeks to retire and pray.

Kilometres of peace and fresh air, is an attractive place for thousands of tourists every year. It’s one of the most clean and protected places in Greece, with a full of different species of fauna and flora.

Incredible and gorgeous place.10401520_10152832189383363_2856824842070868231_n

Post: Aurora Real

Photos: Mustafa Akman, Aurora Real



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