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16th LGBTQ Film Festival: Frames of freedom October 3, 2014

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The Thessaloniki International LGBT-Q Film Festival” was born in 1999 and still takes place each year in the Cinema Museum of Thessaloniki.
The society “SYMPRAXI – Partnership for Gender Issues” and the International Thessaloniki Film Festival organized the “Thessaloniki International LGBTQ Film Festival” of 2014, which started on 19th and finished on 28th September.

The festival encompassed various LGBTQ matters. United Societies of Balkans’ volunteers joined the festival as visitors and noted many topics inside of LGBTQ films: the confusion of sexual orientation of a teenager girl (“Sandrine, 2014”); difficulties of a gay woman joining a football team and the love and support of her family no matter what (“Bend it Like Portia”, 2014); impossible love – a guy who is in love with his straight friend (“The Best Friends”, 2013); Romantic relationship between a composer and his student (“Love Song”, 2014); Conservative community accepting a transvestite and appreciating his hard-working attitude (“The Aunt”, 2013).

1013597_10152304582185685_4156306745801376099_n (1)

Mr. Nikolaos Hatzitrifon, Festival director

Moreover, the volunteers had a chance to interview the director of the Festival, Mr. Nikolaos Hatzitrifon, he said that the intention of organizing such event is “to share films, introduce new tendencies and ideas, arrange discussions regarding situations mentioned in the films and, altogether, try to explore how the Festival can help to accept homosexuality“.

According to a survey carried by the organizers of the Festival, 50 % of the audience was straight. However, “we know that people have the tendency to say they are not homosexual or bisexual”, admits Mr. Nikolaos. “Perhaps the percentage of homosexuals attending the festival was higher”, he concludes.

There were a lot of films from various countries – from China to Turkey, from South Africa to Sweden, from USA to Slovenia and so on, from all around the world, participating in the Festival. The organizers of the Festival are very grateful for the support of the Human Rights of Europe and that the city of Thessaloniki accepted the event. To conclude, the organizers hope that the Festival of next year will be even bigger and will receive support from more institutions, as well as it will gather a bigger audience.

3 Winners according to the audience votes:
Christmas Eve (2011) 4,68/5
Kiruna-Kigali (2012) 4.53/5
Amphibious (2014) 4,40/5

Alejandro Robles, Aurora Real, Kristina Gruodytė, Ricardo Lima



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