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Antigone is a non-profit organization started in 1993. Its full name has the key to understand what it does: Information and Documentation Center on Racism, Ecology, Peace and Non Violence.

Located in Thessaloniki, Antigone promotes non formal education activities mainly with the participation of children, teenagers and students, but also adults. Their goal is to achieve safe equal opportunities for all social groups no matter their origin, religion, sexual orientation, color, etc.

How? They give some vocation trainee to help people find an employer. An example of that is helping them with the Curriculum Vitae. Parallel, Antigone organizes and participates in festivals, conferences and discussions, some of them co-organized with other institutions.

Antigone identifies “who are the excluded groups and how to deal with it. How to stop this exclusion of groups with different caracteristics”, explains Athanasia Telliou, the project officer. Participants have to express their feelings, they talk about their sentiments in different situations, sometimes tabu questions.

Patrizia Deiala works as project officer in Antigone. She started as a volunteer while she was attending university in Italy. She enrolled a Master on management of Non profit Organizations and she started working for a small NGO in her country. This small NGO is a partner of Antigone, so when she decided to move to Greece, she had a chance to join Antigone project.

United Societies of Balkans was at ACIL – Active Citizen Laboratory in Vergina Hotel on September 16th and saw some Antigone’s activities about racism and social exclusion. First, they work on the identity of participants trying to understand which features can be a reason of stereotypes and exclusion. Then they worked using theatre on a real fact of racism, they analyzed the feelings of the participants about it and they tried to find new solutions to the problem.


Every wednesday the organization promotes “Artability”, a laboratory on Arts in Contemporary Art Museum. There, people with disability acquire skills as individuals, as artists and as members of an equal community. In winter, Antigone heads to schools to run workshops about human rights.

The organization has no registered members, but has a lot of groups and about one hundred volunteers today. Visit Antigone website to join the association and help this world get better.

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