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Nightlife in Thessaloniki September 22, 2014

Posted by usbngo in Older Posts.

Thessaloniki never sleeps. This is true. My weekly report is about how to have fun in this city especially for foreigners (and volunteers). At first I want to write about the reggae boat. In front of the white tower there are 3 reggae-bar boats, the entrance is free you can listen reggae music (or other kind), drink beer, coffee, whatever you want, but be careful prices is not cheap.
Yesterday Wendy and me were there and it was really nice. The reggae boats are working until 12 o’clock during wintertime, and they are full of people. The sailing distance is 11 kilometers, it means it starts from the White Tower, goes on the circle near the harbor and come back. Trip time is about 30 minutes.
In Thessaloniki there are a lot of clubs. Most of them are located in the city center name Valaoritou, which is a place with many narrow streets to walk. There are electronic music clubs , Plan B, Tropikuku club, Four Seasons, and many bars and clubs I don’t remember their names.

I can advice you one chill place called “Mikropolis” cheap and nice bar, (in front of the Monroe, in the beginning of the street) if you are lucky you can seat on the balcony, it is my best place.
They are our favorite places, with live music pub, the best is Blue Barrel, Blok 33, Mylos you can listen good live music. Also, every day we have informations about some parties and concerts from our mentor. Every week you can find some parties in Aristotles University’s campuses organized by students, I have been a couple of time there and it was nice.
About tavernas and restaurants in Thessaloniki, you can find them easily. Where you can taste Greek national dishes, also European countries kitchen, listen nice Greek songs, you can find some Tavernas there is live folk music. For me “Bit bazaar” is perfect place with quite normal prices and good food: the main reason why this place is so crowded always.
By the way I want to write about Pizza Chris it is the best pizza in Thessaloniki.
Thanks for your attention.

Badri Pataraia.



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