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AENAO’s activities based on a no-formal learning methodology September 22, 2014

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The first seminary of “ACIL: active citizenship program”, organized by Anna Lindh Foundation was about “Environment  and Volunteerism” and  has been held by AENAO, a NGO expert in no-formal learning methodology. The organization, established in Thessaloniki in 2006 by a group of scientists-volunteers, aims to promote health on its wide sense, exploring the health topics and focusing about mental, psychological and cognitive processes.  In order to know all the activities of the organization we had an interview with Catherine Amoutzia, AENAO’s President.


AENAO’s President Catherina Amoutzia                      with our volunteer Kristina Gruodytė

“We run lots of projects at different levels – Amoutzia says – local projects, national projects and international projects included in the Youth in Action Program and in the Lifelong Learning Program (now both included in the Erasmus Plus Program). We are 6-7 members at “the first line” and we have around a hundred of volunteers, even if not all of them are active in all the projects. All of us – underlines Amoutzia – work in a volunteer base, nobody is paid”. All the projects, as Amoutzia explained us, come from the base, from the youth and then organization focus the objectives and applies for the funds.

The three most important and successful projects AENAO has run, according to Amoutzia, are “Addicted to life”, “Crash Test Revised” and “Captain Cook”. “Addicted to life” was aimed to raise awareness about the health risks associated with smoking, especially among the youth. It run from 2007 to 2009 and it received an award from the Pedagocical Institute of Greece. Moreover the educational manual that was produced has been recommended for the school curriculum. “Crash Test Revised” concerned about conflict management and received a place in “the best press convivium” produced by the European Commission. “Captain Cook” was a youth exchange regarding Mediterranean food and healthy life style, with 39 participants from six countries, and it also received an award from the Youth in Action Program. In the next future AENAO is going to run other two important projects, that already received funds, one concerning the healthy life style and the other connected with social inclusion.


The participants during AENAO’s workshop

The participants during AENAO’s workshopIn addiction of all this activities AENAO collaborates with others organizations. “Is very important to create networks – Amoutzia says – both locals and internationals in order to avoid to duplicate our efforts. For this reason we are under the umbrella of Anna Lindh Foundation and we are running some projects together such as the Active Citizenship Laboratory”.

To find more information about AEANO’s activities visit www.aenao.org



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