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The Praxis Foundation, making actions and activities for young people since 1995 September 19, 2014

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PRAXIS FOUNDATION is a non-governmental foundation, founded in 1995 by a group of young people who wanted to do some actions and some activities for young people. The organization had hundreds of members during his history, and today, one hundred of members are running on a different actions.

We met with Anna Alevra, spokeswoman of the Praxis Foundation, a journalist and a volunteer of the organization. She 2014-09-17 16.32.51-2explains us that the base of the group, “is to do an important actions and activities for the young people”, evolving human rights, xenophobia, social problems,… raising awareness the teenagers to have a better society, respecting another cultures, and at the end, making a social life better for all of us.

The goal of the Praxis Foundation is change their lifes in a better way and every day “from small things ‘till big”.They grow up parallel of European youth polices, and they’re working and cooperate with anothelogo-Eu-Praxisr organizations, local, national, and international, and making promoting campaigns via mass media and social media.

Anna explains the association want to arrive to more young people, and they’re an open group who accept new ideas and new projects for young people to change their life in a better way.

To find information of the foundation: http://www.praxisgreece.com 

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