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Anapiria Simera and its workshop during the ACIL September 19, 2014

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Anapiria Simera means “Disability today” and this organization defends the rights of people with any kind of disability. It’s a non-governmental and non-profit organization and collaborates with many different associations, for example “Union for the rights of pedestrian”. Disability today is an organization with members that are either derived from various kind of disability but especially people with visual, motor and physical disabilities.“Disability today” was officially founded in 2008 by a group of University’s student and its President is Fotis Mpimpasis.

It organized a series of information activities that are related to awareness of issues of disability. Their goals also include organized voluntary and constructive intervention to relevant persons and institutions. This organization has as main mission to fight against the inequality and disparity to people with disabilities and also against any kind of racism. In Thessaloniki there are more than 100.000 people with mobility problems and, because of the conditions of the roads and sidewalks and other architectural barriers, they face difficulties to access and to move in the urban spaces of the city. The organization took part in many actions in these years, cooperating also very often with the Municipality of Thessaloniki.

One of the most important activities that Anapiria Simera joined is “Thessaloniki 2014 youth capital”. Anapiria Simera cooperates also with other non-profit organizations, like Unesco Youth and Antigone and other associations’ members of the network of the all the volunteers of Thessaloniki, ThessDIKTYO. As other organizations also Anapiria Simera partecipates to ACIL: “Active Citizens Laboratory”. Young people of Thessaloniki participate in a thematic week organized by the Greek branch of the Anna Lindh Foundation and the United Societies of Balkans in collaboration with “Thessaloniki-European Youth Capital 2014”. On Tuesday Anapiria Simera organized its workshop at Vergina Hotel in Thessaloniki.

The workshop tried to make people understand how a blind person interacts at his daily routine holding the “White cane”, the stick international symbol of blindness and wearing a mask. The participants experimented to live what blind people face everyday. They also tried to be companion of a blind person and Mr. Mpimpasi gave them suggestion to help blind people when they met them in the urban spaces of the city. The workshops finished with a discussion about the awareness of the citizenship.

After that we asked to Mr. Mpimpasi if the Greek institutions are doing enough for people with disabilities. He thinks that they are trying to solve some questions but he invites mayors and governors across the country to enter the position of those who face mobility problems, vision or hearing, to make changes and facilities that will make Greek cities friendly to people with disabilities. Mr. Mpimpasi also told us about the willing of the citizens to help people with disabilities but the problem is that sometimes they don’t know how to do and for this reason the organization tries to inform and popularize the argument. Indeed the cooperation between the local authorities and associations of disabled people is very important to make every city and every neighborhood human for the disabled.



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