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“FC.Paok and people” September 18, 2014

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This week I Thought a lot about what to write and I decide write about Thessaloniki favorite club F.C PAOK. Because I was on the my balcony and I heard some song two girl they were singing Paok anthem and there was born idea to write report about little history of Paok FC.

Here people really love paok and football. The City walls are full of inscriptions about club. Paok  is a Greek association football club from Thessaloniki, Macedonia  in Northern Greece PAOK currently play in the top-flight Superlegue Greece, which they have won twice. The club play at the Toumba Stadium. PAOK FC is the oldest division of PAOK Sports Club, the succession of Hermes Sport Club (Greek: Ερμής), which was formed in 1877 by the Greek community of Pera, a district of Istambul. That situation, however, came to an abrupt end after the Greko-Turkish war, when most players were forced to emigrate to Greece due to the population exchanges. Left behind was a club consisting of the residents that remained (later called Politakia). Those who fled settled in Thessaloniki and established PAOK. The first name (1925) of the new team was Aek Thessaloniki (Constantinopolitans of Thessaloniki) but after one year PAOK was created as a will for a more open and bigger Club.

The club’s first charter was approved on 20 April 1926 by means of decision of the Thessaloniki Court of First Instance (No. 822). PAOK’s first emblem, adopted in 1926 was a four-leaved clover and a horseshoe. The leaves were green with the letters PAOK marked on each of them, a symbol devised by Kostas koezmatopulos (president of Pera Club).

1970-1985 golden years The team became established as one of the best ever to play at Greek football grounds with players whose names became legendary for the Greek football. It was a team which set several records, led by president Giergos Pantelakis.

PAOK was able to make a blow to the football powers of Athens, winning the Championship in 1976, preceded by triumphs in the Cup, in 1972 and 1974. 1976 also marked the foundation of Gate 4, PAOK’s greatest organized fanbase.

Up to 1974, while Greece was governed by a military junta, PAOK had not only a football power, but also an anti-dictatorship symbol of sorts, and Toumba stadium became a harbor of fan anti-junta slogans. In the summer of 2012 and after several months of negotiations Ivan Savvidis became the new major shareholder of PAOK. He invested 12 million euro, 2 of them as a loan to the club in May 2012. PAOK beaten its record in the UEFA Champions League, qualifying to the play-off round of the competition. Initially defeated by Metalist Xarkiv, in the third qualification round, PAOK was reinstalled in the Champions League as a result of UEFA found Metalist guilty of match fixing in the Ukrainian Premier League in contravention of international regulations. PAOK didn’t manage to beat Schalke 04 and qualify for the group stage of the competition for first time in their history after a 2-3 home and 1-1 away score and Schalke winning on aggregate. 2013-3014 PAOK entered the Europe league passed group stage and round of 16, met benfica where Paok at home lost 0-1 and lisabon also lost 3-0. Paok lose in Greek Cup Final against Panathinaikos too. I have seen 300 buses full of people went from Thessaloniki to Athen for support their favorite club. It is famous Paok fans they are ultras and always fight against other clubs fans.For me they are “hot supporters.” But we hope Paok will be more successful next year in the UEFA Europe league and Greek Super League.

Badri Pataraia

Paok supporters

Paok supporters



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