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Thessaloniki International Fair September 17, 2014

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In Thessaloniki, takes place from the 6 to the 14th of September the 79th T.I.F. (Thessaloniki International Fair).

This weekend, the city sees itself crowded because of this fair festival. We, all U.S.B’s volunteers, were there. Here is how we can describe the first day of International Fair Thessaloniki.

This festival helps sellers and entrepreneurs to promote their productions and ideas in a jovial and festive atmosphere. Many countries had introduced their products but most part is made in Greece, which is really important for the economy.

For the entrance the first day, it was 5 euro and another days until the end will be 3 euro.

From children to seniors, everyone can find something interesting in this festival: cars, playgrounds, a big chocolate factory, food, giant halls with different products from wine, cheese, candies, to jewels, bags make up and carpets. You can taste almost each food. Which we did perfectly.

Chocolate fabric is really amazing, you can taste chocolate and see how they are preparing these sweets. About the entrance, you have to pay 2.50 euro. But it’s really worth trying.

There are also several games that you can try outside (that is the tent of a fair), and when you get tired walking around, you can sit on some nice sofas or take a frappe on a terrace. Food outside is a bit expensive.

For the artistic part, you can enjoy exhibitions; one that I really liked was CHEAPART. A lot of artists present their masterpieces in a large room.

Around midnight, a concert arrives. Of course I didn’t know the singers, but I suppose that there were quite famous,

Factory of Chocolate

Factory of Chocolate

Concert of Despina Vandi

Concert of Despina Vandi

Exhibition of Computer Technology

Exhibition of Computer Technology

IMG_6372regarding to all the people waiting for hours in front of the stage, and their exaltation when the live show finally started.

This night, on stage were Μηδενιστης, a rap singer, and Δεσποινα Βανδι with her pop music. Nevertheless we couldn’t understand Greek songs we danced a lot thanks/because of the ρακόμελο we bought there.

Badri Pataraia, Wendy Bana Etong.



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