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My adventure in Thessaloniki began. By Maria Petkova November 18, 2013

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A few weeks ago I did not know much about Thessaloniki and now I can’t wait to discover the city. I know that I have to have an exploratory spirit and patience so that at the end the city could reveal some of its secrets to me.

Fortunately, for my first day in Thessaloniki I had two guides – my old Greek friend – Alexandra and my new friend Burak. The first place they took me was Aristotle Square. I was fascinated by the vast space that the square occupies.Then we went to the White Tower where we could relax in the small park next to it and enjoy the beauty of the sea and the reflections of the city lights. It was Saturday, so people were out to have fun, cafes and restaurants were crowded and everywhere I could hear music and laughter. Not only the nightlife is pulsating, but also the cultural one is. Thevery first day I visited the film festival of Thessaloniki, one of the many cultural events that the city offers. The cinema is located in one of the oldest parts of the harbour next to the museum of photography, cinema and the museum of modern art.

The following two weeks I spent most of the time with my roommates who are also volunteers in U.S.B.I’m usually a kind of shy person and I build trust with people slowly and that’s why I was really surprised with the fact that we came close so fast and on the third night we already shared and talked for very personal things about family, love, our joyful moments in life as well as more tragic ones. During this short time we laughed, danced and sang. Kris (Germany) and Ricardo (Italy) bought a guitar- what a great idea. So, they offer a free concert for us every night since then. Of course except having fun we did some work.I had the opportunity to get to know more closely the activities of the U.S.B. as well as with the people who work there.We set the first tasks according to our own interests as well we visited a conference organized by the British Embassy. It was a public debate addressing young people’s participation in politics. The presentation was very inspiring, but it placed more questions than providing answers to the problems.

My first impression about Greeks is that they know how to enjoy life and are always ready to help you when you need it. Everyone is very friendly towards me, and their approach to things is positive.People say that every beginning is difficult but mine wasn’t. This maxim doesn’t apply to them because they are easygoing and they mix work with pleasure and the boredom’ is a forbidden word.Hereafter I will learn more and more about Greece and I have the feeling that my adventure will be amazing.




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