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THESSALONIKI: FIRST IMPRESSION By Temmuz Onur Deniz GÜZEL February 27, 2013

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“Land Ho!”

Okay. Finally, the plane goes under the white clouds and I get to see the foremost settlements of Greece. Above around Halkidiki, everything looks calm and warm from up in the sky.

“One small step for a man…”

First foot set on windy grounds of Thessaloniki and after dodging a bullet with that weird little airport bus nearly crashing to the another one, safely I’m officially in Thessaloniki.


This city is so quite! As someone who’s used to breathe in the noise pollution, this feels real calm and peaceful; no sign of hurry or clamor or chaos either. My -hard to supress- anxiety is now on lower volumes.

“Graffitis everywhere!”

As we dive into the city, I see graffitis, everywhere; on mostly every wall, every windows of closed stores, in any shape or font or color. Well, it is better to live in a city where the residents have found a way to express their thoughts instead of undisclosing them. And some of them are actually perfectly artistic. Where there is art, there is love.


“The Priority of History”

I admire the fact that the significance of modern city development at some certain spots comes after the archaeological values. They didn’t just smash the ancient structure or whatsoever ahead to keep digging for a subway which also has a staminal importance for the city. They stopped the construction to dig up the ancient beauty first.

“Alamanas what?”

We practically wheeled around the whole area inbetween the airport and Agios Pavlos asking people if they know where Alamanas is, which gave me the incidental opportunity to see some very big and beautiful churches, squares, protected archaeologic areas and stores of brands that existed only in Europe.

“Be careful, it’s ‘Greece’, son!”

Now it’s been a few days since I nestled down and so far, no absolute sign of crisis. The city is as alive and also serene as one could wish for and prices are relatively low. One thing I still complain about is that the opening and closing times of stores differ each day of the week and I’m already used to face the closed gates of banks and big stores early in the evening. Things might always get complicated when it’s about politics and bureaucracy but as far as I can see it’s a vivid, joyful, culturally prosperous city which you can easily get addicted to.




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