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53rd Thessaloniki International Film Festival through Ayşe Burcu Atabey eyes! November 6, 2012

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TIFF53 The Official Spot

The movie Lore succeeds in taking us to the miserable lives of ones who are facing the hard conditions in life. Through the film we can see how conditions force you to lose your personal qualities. Calmness, morality and innocence. This movie is so realistic, strong and competitive. What else?

Lore 108΄ Cate Shortland Australia-UK-Germany 2012

Russian movie Ziht (Living) is the best! It is too hard to get rid of the effect of the film! The director manages to create strong feelings about the complications both children and adults face, violence, misery, loss of mind, life, death, and hope inside.

Zhit 119΄ Vasily Sigarev Russia 2012

Iranian movie Fasle kargadan (Rino’s Season), in direction of Fasle Kargadan, is for the ones who live as if they are in a dream. Creative, different, poetic (as the director wants) but a little bit simple for my taste.

Fasle kargadan 90΄ Bahman Ghobadi Iraqi Kurdistan-Turkey 2012

Please do not try to reach a solution if you watch The Last Time I saw Macao. During the whole movie I tried it in vain! If you do not listen to the directors then you might never understand the film. In this film where you cannot see the protagonist, because the first idea of the directors was to shoot a documentary, just stay relaxed and watch what the director is showing about Macao. With all the pessimistic athmosphere, the film smells orientalism and the directors don’t seem to accept the independence of Macao from Portugal. Anyway, we say that people throw stones to a fertile tree :):)

The Last Time I Saw Macao (A Última Vez Que Vi Macau) 85΄ João Pedro Rodrigues, João Rui Guerra da Mata Portugal-France 2012

To the director of the film Το πλοίο για την Παλαιστίνη (A Ship to Palestine): Muslims do not pray salah with their shoes on!

Το πλοίο για την Παλαιστίνη (A Ship to Palestine) 120΄ Νίκος Κούνδουρος/Nikos Koundouros Greece 2012

That’s all until now! Let me look through the today’s festival program. Bye for the moment! 🙂



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