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Why to be an EVS? By Beáta Šarlinová October 17, 2012

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European Volunteering Service includes many useful, wonderful and noble ideas. To make society better, eliminate prejudices between different countries, to fight for human rights, to do nice things for yourself and the others. You can also improve yourself in professional way, gain some new skills and learn a lot of new things, for example foreign language. But let’s talk personally. What can it give to you, to you as a human being, to your future, to your personal life? Why to go to a foreign country without knowing anybody, without salary and leave your life at home?

Life begins out of your comfort zone and you can understand this only if you do it. To go abroad alone means a big challenge. Maybe you hesitate because of your job, money, boyfriend, girlfriend… These reasons can sound noble and very important, but maybe we are just sometimes afraid of what we should really do. It’s too easy to be supported from many sides, from your family, friends, people who you know. But it can somehow restrain you in knowing yourself, knowing what you really need and what you want to do with your life. Don’t waste your time when you are young! This is the right moment to find, build and improve you. Youth is a time of freedom, of learning and getting better! This is the time for making investments which will affect you in your future life. If you are at home, in your comfort zone, you cannot realize your real needs. You can’t imagine how many things you will develop during staying abroad. How many people you will get know, how many places you will visit, how many situations you will face. And everything of this will give you a lot.


EVS will change you a lot. I was talking to many ex EVS volunteers and they told about situations they had to manage. It was not always easy; new people, new culture, new work, different language. There can be a lot of challenges which are bigger than you. And you have to manage it, because in that situation there is no other option. And this will make you stronger, better and magnificent. That’s why nobody regrets it in the end. Everyone of them recommended me and other people to do it. Because suddenly you will understand what is life about. Maybe you think you know this for sure. But they also thought. And now they are new persons with clear idea of life, experienced people which doesn’t have to mean professional skills or knowing new language. They are new people, complete people who realized many things about themselves, other people, and different culture and about life in general. They learnt a lot about respect, tolerance and compassion.

While you are young you should get cultured. EVS is an opportunity to get knows what a wonderful place the world is. You will meet magnificent people who will teach you a lot. You will see places which you had seen before only in the pictures that someone else took. Don’t squander your youth because you will never have it again. You have an opportunity to invest and you will gain a lot in the future. This experience will be part of you for entire rest of your life. Try it, young person, for better future, for beautiful moments, for development, for improvement, just for yourself! Life is an art so don’t be afraid to enjoy it as much as you can!



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