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We have a new EVS; Burak’s First Impression October 11, 2012

Posted by usbngo in Older Posts.

Hello, I’m Burak. It’s my first week in Thessaloniki and all I can say until now is “it‘s fantastic”!

Before landing in Thessaloniki, I was really excited about it. Whole my life I wanted to go to Greece and it happened. I have heard many stories about Greece and Thessaloniki. In Turkey there are many people from Thessaloniki and my grandmother is one of these people. I live in Izmir (Smyrna) in Turkey. And my city has a huge history. I have read many things about my city and Thessaloniki and Ii saw that they have many common points. In Izmir, hundreds of years, people from different nationalities have lived in peace. When I read history of Thessaloniki, I noticed that it has the similar history. It was the biggest reason why I choose Thessaloniki for my EVS project.

I graduated from Economics department and I read many things about Greece’s economy. Unfortunately, there is a huge economic crisis in Greece. I wanted to see what is happening in Greece with my own eyes. That was the other reason.

I landed in Thessaloniki on the 3rd of October. I had an interview about EVS. Finally we went to U.S.B. office with my other friend Ayşe. I met Olympia who is my mentor and some of my new colleagues. I think they are really friendly and helpful people. After that we went to our new home and I met with my new home mates. All of them are really nice, friendly and responsible people. I am living with 5 others and Ii am very happy to live with them. I think I am lucky.

In the second day in Thessaloniki, Ii went to U.S.B. office and there were many people. I think, all they were smiling and they are very nice people. In the afternoon, Ayşe and I, we had a trip to see city center. I loved it a lot. Historical places in Thessaloniki are amazing.

Other day, one of the EVS volunteers in U.S.B., Kürşat, showed to us many places in Thessaloniki. We had a nice dinner in a tavern, where we listened some Greek music as well. After that, we met other people and go out with them for drinks. That night, I had a really good time (special thanks to Kürşat).

Next days, I want to discover other places in city, and manage my project. I know I will be very happy and I will love that city. I hope Thessaloniki will love me, too.

Sorry for my weak English. I think I will improve it here more.

Thank you for reading!



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