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We have a new EVS; Annemiek’s First Impression October 5, 2012

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One week in Thessaloniki, and my first thought about it is ‘amazing’.

When I arrived for the first time in the office, it was full of people: my new colleagues of U.S.B. New names, new faces, new countries. I was not able to remember all. We went, together with Béa to my new house. There, even more people were being introduced to me. I got a tour in the house and, though we share this apartment with many people, I like it. Here, we have a great view from one of the balconies over the city. In my first week we even had a party at this balcony for the birthday of Béa, it was very nice! Thanks Béa! So, first about the city. I like it very many much. I enjoy the landscape, the views from above, from below, from beside and inside. I like the variety of old and new, of terrible ugliness and amazing beauty, of the sea and the hills, of the colours and the smells. There is a lot to discover and this makes every walk very interesting.  And even more for me, since I am good at losing track. As a rural villager, a big city is something new for me and to which I have to adjust my sense of direction. To orient myself in a city that is full of buildings that also somehow look similar, will be a nice task for me the coming months.

Besides getting to know the city, I have been spending sometime out of it as well: last Saturday I went out with Nikos and Antonis to a village near Alexandria. Here, Antonis’ father has half an acre of land filled with peach trees with millions of peaches, so we were harvesting (and eating of course, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vmaF6IOODFc) after which I got happily introduced to mama Antonis kitchen! It is amazing, the food and the tastes of this country. And Sunday I was lucky to participate in a Karagiozi show. This is traditional shadow theatre, originating from Turkey, and very famous for kids during summer street festivals. For the Dutch reader, it is a bit like Jan Klaassen.

Well, after having been nicely introduced and welcomed in the U.S.B. family, the city and the surroundings, the volunteer work at U.S.B. also needs attention. Until now, this consists out of general and basic tasks, such as presenting me, my interests, getting to know U.S.B. a bit better, learning about the organization of others and frappedaki’s. I have to say that I find it a very nice idea of U.S.B. to make the self-presentation. It is a way to get to know people in a way that wouldn’t have happened in real life, and it’s also a way to think about your own life from a different perspective.I enjoy the atmosphere in the office, which is very friendly and sometimes a bit chaotic J but nice. I also think that there are many interesting activities going on in which I can participate, and there is a lot of freedom to explore, create and design an activity of personal interest.Soon we will have a training on journalism in all its senses, from making pictures, using photoshop, writing articles and editing movies. I really look forward to that! This area is new for me, though my interests are very much related to it. And it is really a great opportunity to learn. So, all in all I feel very good and happy with my EVS choice and U.S.B. as organization. For this moment in my life, it is the perfect thing to do. And to explain about the frappedaki, this is instant ice-coffee which all the Greeks, old and young, drink. You have to learn to drink it, but once you know, you cannot go back! 😉



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