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We have a new EVS; Michela’s First Impression October 2, 2012

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My first impression?

What can I tell you?

Well, I arrived here almost one month ago and three things are stand out immediately when one arrives in this place where the motto is “take it easy”.

First of all, people are really friendly. Even though they do not know you so well, they give you their phone number, because…come on, if there is something to do (parties, festivals, exhibitions, etc.) you cannot miss them. 😉

The most beautiful episode has been happened a couple of days ago when one of our neighbors appeared in front of our doors with a small saucepan, honey, lemon and a tisane. Homemade cure for the Lisa’s (one of the flat mates) cough. It was amazing!

Secondly, the news that University is for free, shocked me. I am not talking of small or decadent building where mediocre professors educate the next generation. But University is big, full of life, with every facility. And having the possibility to be admitted and attend the lessons is really democratic.

The last thing regards young people. I have never seen so many young people share ideas, impressions, expectations, values with the aim to create a new world. A way to go far the crisis (that is not only Greek or economic!) for a better future. This is the biggest difference between young Greek and young Italian, that I could notice. Because, yes, we are “una  fazza, una razza” (as one of this realistic dreamers told me), but in Italy we are still to much apathetic to react.

I feel strong the community sense here in Thessaloniki and I would like to learn as being an active citizen thanks to my E.V.S.

As Olympia (our U.S.B. mentor) said: “this opportunity can be the first step of your new career, of your new life”.




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