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We have a new EVS; Lisa’s First Impression September 27, 2012

Posted by usbngo in Older Posts.

What could I say about my first impression? It is just two weeks that I am here in Thessaloniki and I
feel that this is becoming my place.
It was not exactly love at first sight. Here is really different from Milan, even in the same aspect of
the city. We do not have so many buildings fitten together above such small roads; neither we have
to walk over steep climbs to come back home after parties!
But there are many things that make this city absolutely unique: first of all it is full of young people,
with their strong and positive energy. There are also a lot of cultural events, art and photography
exibitions and most of all concerts, so every night you have something to do and it is impossible
getting bored. Actually I need my lifestyle to become more regular, or I will be worn down in a few
weeks! It could seem paradoxical, but, while nights are hectics, day time can be really slow.
Anyway, it is amazing for me notice how fast I am getting used to “relax”.
In the end, now I am here and I am “taking my time”, as everybody says, to know and get used to
this new reality. Every time I am surprised and amused by little differences, but I really needed
something new in my life and this EVS is the best way to get it."Lisa surrounded by Michela on the left and Stefania on the right!"



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