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We have a new EVS; Teisutis’s First Impression September 12, 2012

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Hey everybody!


My name is Teisutis. I am from Lithuania, Vilnius. I want to share with you my first impression about EVS in Thessaloniki, Greece.


Actually the idea about EVS incubated on my head 2 years ago, I thought, that is very great possibility for a young person to develop their personality in different ways, realize what he/she wants from life, and which way to choose.


So, I kept the idea 2 years and finally I’ve started to implement it. It was extremely difficult to choose volunteering, because I left behind me of my doctoral studies in university and masseur work. I just change my life from fundamental and expecting that EVS give me new opportunities to develop myself professionally and personally meet many different people, discover different country, culture.


Before I came to Greece I was in a training course in Bulgaria, where I met 2 nice girls from Greece, it was kind of first contact with Greek culture. They introduce me with their country and said very good things about Thessaloniki.


I had only some hours to put all my stuff to suitcase and be prepare for 10 months crazy life adventure.


I flu to Athens, and when I came to railway station, they said, that there are not any more tickets to Thessaloniki, I should mention that it was evening and I didn’t have any contact where I can stay. But I found on internet very cheap hostel near the train station. Actually it was kind of dangerous district, I saw police everywhere check locals, if their have drugs. At the end I’ve visited touristic places, where I’ve found very nice place around Acropolis, I saw street musicians, many people who hang out, so atmosphere was very relax.


In the morning I am coming by train to Thessaloniki, I was surprised and broke one stereotype about Greece; train was on time, I was very happy.


I got off train, and saw somebody waving hand for me, this guy was our organization’s president Aris and next to him there was Olympia my mentor and 2 girls with cameras. They were very helpful for me and every time smiling. At once I got so many attention from them, I need to give interview…I was a little bit embarrassed, because I didn’t expect that and I was tired after 5 hours trip by train. But they explained me that it ‘s the purpose of this interview and I like this idea. J Afterward they took me to my new apartment, it was really crazy to go very narrow and up-down type streets. Our apartment is really big with 4 bedrooms and 8 people. First of all, I met my roommate, he looked very tired and sleepy when I came. He was very friendly and first phrase what he said that he waited me for ages. I understand this gesture, which he impatiently waited for me.


After some time, I saw others flat mates 3 Italians girls and 1 Slovak girl. I was happy that in our apartment live more girls then boys. Other flat mate I met her only after 4 days. By the way other girl from Netherland we still waiting. What I like most of all, it was view throw balcony, because from here is covering very nice panorama to Thessaloniki.


At the same evening we went to concert in University territory. It was interesting to see how different countries understand  time…J More or less it was rock music in concert and I saw so many relax people not only students, but also kids and older people. Actually music for me a little bit was too loudly and it was really difficult to communicate with people in concert. I met many Erasmus student from different countries, also someone mention there are some students from Lithuania, in this time I really want to meet somebody from Lithuania to share our opinion about Greece, but I was unsuccessful to meet these people. I was tired, so I decided to come back at home, but nobody didn’t want to come back, I try to manage that alone. When I climbed on a hill where our hose situated, I saw that one Erasmus student follow me. We together try to find my house, but it was impossible to remember that at first time. I realize that I lost my self, but I didn’t lose my resolution to find it alone, because I was so close to place where I live, but everything looked the same. So, after 1 hour I had to capitulate and I call my roommate. He very quickly reacted and come to help me to find a way. I was rescue and saved come back at home.


Next day I tried to explore city alone and see if there are nice places around me. I was surprised how many people are in centre all the time from morning to night, they relax, hang out with friends. What I found out that Greek girls very beautiful and stylish. I found very nice streets full of people, nice parks and most important seaside, but unfortunately you can’t swim in sea, because nobody recommends swimming in pollution area where is port. I was really disappointed L


At Sunday we decided to go to Nea Kalikratia with our flat mates and friends from Spain. Actually, we came to paradise in Earth, weather was perfect, water warm and transparent, we played games, swam and got tan. At evening we gathered to go out, we where in Czech pub.


Finally, I want to say it was my first contact with Greece culture. Most important thing is relationship with people and have activities what you like to do. More friends, more opportunities. You should be open-minded for new culture and people from all over the world, so EVS going to give that, and just depend from you how you use your own chance. I wish young people dare to take this challenge and dare to think different, and don’t lost possibility to make world better with EVS help.




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