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We have a new EVS; Beata’s First Impression September 10, 2012

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I was sitting in the plane and thinking about if I have done a good decision to apply to EVS…

Many things and thoughts has crossed on my mind and my mood was always changing.  Because I never expect anything I told to myself that I will see what this experience will bring to me.  In every case – every experience is a good experience for me.

When I got off the plane a was looking for my mentor Olympia, who should have waited for me at the airport. But nobody was there and I didn’t know what to do for a while. When Olympia appeared with other girls from organization in that moment I reached a feeling that everything will perfect here. When we started to talk we have found out that I made a mistake about time of my plane’s arrival and that’s why I had to wait for them. I am always making troubles but I cannot help myself 🙂 When I saw the city first time, I totally fell in love. You know, Slovaks have to travel thousands kilometres to see a sea and now I have the opportunity to see it whenever I want! It is incredible for me! Every member of USB was nice to me from the beginning my EVS project. I didn’t feel alone a second what made my arrival easier for me.

When I saw my house first time I was surprised because it’s very big with two balconies. I liked it.

On Sunday, the day of arrival, Olympia took me to the cetre of the city. There were many people, just sitting on benches in the streets and squares. It made me full of energy. And have eaten the best yogurth ice-cream in my life! Thank you, Olympia!

In the evening I saw the office where I work now for the first time. There I met Aris, the chairman of our organization, who was full of positive energy what made me really satisfied! I have felt great at that place.

Till the Monday I have met only one volunteer who I share my house with. We have a good relationship from the first moment we met. On Monday, other tree volunteers joined us. They are from Italy and they came together to collborate on the EVS project. Very kind people I have to say!

So, we were five volunteers in the house and we missed the three other. I share my room with Turkish girl but I haven’t met her yet. But she prepared for me a little surprise. When I came to my room first time, I have found a letter lying on my bed. She wrote to me that she wishes me all the best and she is looking forward to meet me. What a nice gesture!

On Tuesday we were with the Italian girls in the city to eat some lunch. It was my first time I have eaten sea food. I was a little bit afraid when I saw jaws of octopus. It tasted a little bit strange and if I am honest – I don’ understand how the Greeks can eat it so often! After that, me and my new Turkish friend Kursat visited the old castle in Thessaloniki. What a amazing view of the city is from that place! I was absolutely satisfied!

Wednesday was a day full of experiences. We were on picnic in the city to make som reportages and interviews with people who were there. That place was full of music, relaxing people and great energy and mood. Oh, how I love events like that! After doing our work, we were in the centre of city with members of organization. We had some food and coffee together. Then we joined the party of university what was something amazing! It was a place full of people again, live music and everything what you need to have fun. Such a good welcome for us! Everyone of our group enjoyed it a lot!

On Thursday we were in Ikea to buy some stuff for our home. Now it is much more better 🙂 In the evening we joined university party again. EVS can be full of fun! We have met there many people from Erasmus and shared our feelings about coming to Thessaloniki. It’s really nice when you find someone in the same situation as you are. I am always meeting here new people what makes me satisfied!

So now I can say, I regret nothing and I am very happy I took this chance and came here. It is the best opportunity for young people to travel, learn new things, improving yourself in personal and professional ways and meet a lot of people from many different countries. I recommend this to everyone who wants to make his live better and full of new and great things! So find your country, the project which fits you the best and take your chance!

You will never regret it, believe me! 🙂



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