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Latest News From USB! July 26, 2012

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Did we tell you that we have a new EVS here in the office? No? Shame on us or shame on summer which makes us EVS people very “halara!” Let’s get to know him better and see what’s happening on his life!

After Llogari’s sad good-bye, Kursat is our new video guy! Apart from this, he’ll support us during our international and local activities. Also he has another very important task; during his EVS he should enjoy with the every moment! 🙂 It’s not that hard in USB, right?

Now, let’s dig what is going on his EVS life! USB Kocobolio service proudly presents!

First week of him. See, how easy to entegrate local community in Thessaloniki:)

His first international seminar.  Like a baby! Rumour has it, Aris and Olympia has cried because of happines after they saw him very entegrated and communicative:)


Balkans, Balkans! Just after he arrived, Kursat has also visited Sofia for weekend! Actually whole USB Office was in Sofia to support Bulgarian economy, watching the Eurovision and visit the  friend of ours “Maria-the awesome”. But as you can see being EVS is a really hard work!



Finally, last week he went for On Arrival seminar! During the seminar he met a lot of other volunteers around the Greece, they have learned more about EVS, AXA, Youth in Action and their projects. Apart from this they did motivation sessions, yoga even pilates to find inner balance or some other things going on there and we don’t understand? Anyways:)




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