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Burak and Sezgi’s Mid-Term Seminar Adventures July 26, 2012

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Hello from beautiful Athens everyone! This is Sezgi talking!

Now we are in Athens, the city has an very nice kaos, humour and harmony inside. We came here for Mid-Term seminar, so that means we are officially in the middle or close to the end our EVS projects! Burak sometimes does puppy eyes and says; is it really going to end?

Especially me, before i came here i was really freaked out and all the time i had those questions in my mind; what will happen after, now what’s the best option for me and how i can manage my everyday life without if i decided to go back to my country. Now with the help of our really nice and helpful trainers, everything is more clear.

Everyone was saying that Mid-Terms will be more different than other kind of seminars or On Arrival’s. They right! During those 4 days i’ve always found myself trying to find answers my questions. More i think, more i realize that it’s not only about life after EVS or future possibilities, EVS is all about self development and learning from everything! In my case, USB, EVS, people around me, diffuculties, happy moments, fights, tears, laughs are all helped me to turn a constructive person from a self- distructive person. And let’s not forget the  the people who you work with, if they wouldn’t be that much supportive, lovely and professional me and Burak, we could be one of the “problematic” EVS cases who doesnt know what happened? what’s going on? and what will happen after? 🙂

No we are in the last day and most probably we’ll have a realy crazy party at night! Here are some photos from the seminar! We’ve enjoyed a lot, hope when you see those photos something inside of you wakes up and encourage you to go for an EVS journey! 🙂






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