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Week’s Digest June 7, 2012

Posted by usbngo in Older Posts.

USB family in Bulgaria

“Yes mom, really there was a guy knitting in the bus while we were going to Sofia; he was knitting like you”. And my mother didn’t believe me in the phone. Ah thank you but I am not insane. I have also seen eyes of the border officer who saw him while knitting. This is the conversation between them in the border: – Where are you from? – From America –Hmm, what you will do in Bulgaria? – Travelling – Okay. Yes he is right to be afraid of him. Maybe he will invade all knitting places in Bulgaria on his own!

Pleeease, don’t worry! Bulgarian people are so talented in hand-made works that it will never happen. The city of Sofia is so full of history that 3 days will be never enough for meeting it. History is so complicated in Bulgarian side that you will never be sure whether you learn it or not completely. The food they eat is so delicious that you will never forget it for a life time. Their currency is so half of the euro that you can drink Mojito for 3 euro in a café. Rain loves Sofia so much that you will always call Sun for saving your lives. Some houses in the city are so old that you will be surprised how they still stand. With its minuses and pluses, Sofia is a city to worth to see and Bulgaria is worth to explore. We tried to explore it as Aris, Aydan, Maria, Burak, Kursat, Sezgi and Asteris for 3 days and suggest you to do that. By the way, the knitting guy was knitting a sweater if one of you wonders.

Japan meet Aristotelos Square

 On 31st of May, there was an event related to Origami art inAristotelos Square and it lasted for 1 day. Burak and Kursat, volunteers from USB, attended the event with their cameras and witnessed to building of White Tower by the way of folding paper. This event was organized by an organization having 10.000 members and it was a perfect opportunity for Thessaloniki within advertisement terms. 

F.Y.R.O.M.- Maybe it is trying to tell us something

 “- Let me ask in this way, you have a church here and a few steps later there is a mosque,” I asked to F.Y.R.O.M. “- Okaaaay don’t be confused. I have both Christian and Muslim people and they get along well. The precious thing I have is tolerant people,” it answered. I am surprised yes, the world should be ashamed of my surprised face. Because tolerance becomes so rare in the world that it is really hard to believe in existence of this kind of country. And for sure, I am glad to meet this country. The cities of Struga and Ohrid are competing with each other like the sea girls in a beauty contest. Their seas and forests seem like pictures made by a genius painter.

For the daily life, I have to add that Denari is surely very cheap in compare with Euro and the best they have is culture mix you can see everywhere clearly; Turkish and F.Y.R.O.M. people live, work and create together. It doesn’t matter how much I tell you, the matter is that you should go to meet this cradle of tolerance.

Written by Aydan 



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