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USB attended a UNESCO project in Bitola May 22, 2012

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Bitola is historical city it`s roots are reaching deep into History. You can see touch of many civiliziations there. It`s actually very small city if you compare it with Thessaloniki. City has approximately 90 000 citizens.

We met so many people and learnt a lot about the country. We went there with UNESCO Project as volunteers, who work in United Societies of Balkans.

On the time of arrival we faced with an accident that gave us experience about the people. It was just bump of two cars but the drivers didn`t debate at all. They solved the problem immediately without fight. Afterwards we went to our hotel and in order to rest a little bit because the trip to Bitola took seven hours.


Actually, it was very rainy when we went out. The weather was deppressing and cold so that we felt the freezing air in our bones but a few hours later we managed to adabt ourselves. First we visited the municipality and they welcomed us. Municipality representatives made a presentation about the history of the city, economic difficulties and ongoing projects that related with youth and the other subjects they have. It was very good opportunity for us to learn policies and functions of Bitola’s Municipality.

Consulate Of Greece

The Consul of Greece was very polite man who called Markos Tripolitakis. I think he has very uniqe way to effect people. He tried to explain to us about the situation in Bitola and the Greek companies which work in area.  We talked about the projects that we are attending.

Bitola trip was wonderful and it gave us so many memories that we treasure. You can always find a way to attend these projects to make something beatiful with your life. It was very helpful for us to learn about people whom share the same problems with us and have common sense.

Notes about trib by M. Kursat Orenel.



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