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Last week`s digest March 16, 2012

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On last week of February Aydan, Liisi, Llogari and Maria participated in the Mid-term EVS evaluation seminar in Athens. They spent 4 joyful days with another 40 EVS. The program was full with activities and games. The participants used the carnival to promote EVS program among the people of Athens. 

Promoting EVS on the streets of Athens.

On 1st of March Maria made a small presentation for the old tradition in same Balkan countries for the first day of spring called martenica(Bulgaria), mărţişor (Romania) or verore (Albania). We organized a small workshop and learned how to make martenica. Now we are waiting to see the first stork and to tie our martenica on the branch or a flourishing tree.

This day was very busy because we also recorded our new radio spot. We’ll present it very soon to you.

Olympia and Aris were invited to the Radio station of Thessaloniki to present U.S.B. projects in a program for youth work. We also joined them in the studio!

Come join us in making USB radio, see for yourself from youtube.com video from here.



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