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Last Week’s Digest February 10, 2012

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We Love Music, We Hate Racism!

On 6th of Feburary, Olympia and Sezgi went to Locomondo concert at Blok 33. Locomondo is a seven member band based in AthensGreece. Their name loosely means “Crazy World,” from the Spanish word “loco” (crazy) and the Italian word “mondo” (world). Their music can be tagged as reggae or ska. It is the first band in Greece that fused the Caribbean sound together with Greek musical elements.

Locomondo often incorporates traditional Greek instruments in their sound such as the violin, the gaida (the Greek version of the bagpipes) and the baglama, producing a fresh sound and a new approach to the already known forms of the Caribbean as well as the Greek music.

During the live show they prooved that they are little bit crazyJ , The band captured the energy and the feel of a party, where the crowd and the band share the common experience of a great “fiesta.”

So, Loca people! Do not miss the next performance! It will be soon!

If you wonder, you can listen to their songs here:


To be volunteer in an organic farm? Why Not?

Last week, one of our “Woof” friend Pao visited us.  He’s just finished his crazy woofing adventure and before he go back to his country, he gave us some tips about Woofing! If you want to be volunteer in an organic farm for free, we are highly suggesting you to read the rest of the article.

WWOOF organisations publish lists of organic farms, smallholdings and gardeners that welcome volunteer help at certain times. The diversity of hosts available offers a large variety of tasks and experiences.

Volunteer helpers (“WWOOFers”) choose the hosts that most interest them and make direct contact to arrange a stay. Volunteers usually live as part of the family.

And here are the best parts 🙂

WWOOF volunteers do not pay for their stay.

WWOOF hosts do not pay volunteers for their help but they give volunteers  food and place to stay for free!

Also you can be WOOF in all over the Europe and also in America!

New Faces in USB office 🙂

USB office people have welcomed new EVS volunteers within this week: Sezgi and Burak! Both of them came fromTurkeywith Turkish sweets in their hands 😉 As a matter of course, their “sweetness’’ covered all office thanks to their gifts and especially their friendliness.

From now on, Sezgi will work on searching new projects and new partners for existing project. She will also be charged with taking short-films during her EVS.

And Burak will be responsible for taking photos and videos about various subjects such as Thessaloniki events, gay rights etc.

We hope them a good EVS life inThessalonikiand an exiting experience in USB office 🙂

Immigrant place made shadow theater

Immigrant place has free greek language lessons on every  Wednesday
and Thursday on 19.30.

On Monday they had there authentic
old fashioned shadow theater.

Painting Gay flyer backgrounds

USB had fun with rainbow colours by painting Gay flyers, main artists:
Olympia, Sezgi, Evagelia. Guide through all these colours were given
by Liisi.



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