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Last Week’s Digest January 27, 2012

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Did somebody talk about a party? Let’s make it!

Yesterday, on 26th of January, USB office people organized a very tasty party and invited Navarinou youth group to the office, where the party took place.

Olympia, a talented cook in the eyes of us, cooked many delicious foods and gave the opportunity participants to meet philosophy of ‘food is good’ 😉 Then, we continued our party with a special cake for celebrating New Year. Okay okay, we all know it is a little bit late to cut Vassilopita cake but ‘cakes are also great’. Specialty of Vassilopita cake is that it has a ‘happy coin’ in it and the person who finds the coin will have a happy new year and the most important thing that he/she is given a present in the same time.

In our party, Elefterias became the lucky person and we can wish him a year full of happiness 😉


Hi Guys 😉

As you know, USB radio is full of action thanks to the Den Birazi Show with Liisi and Aydan. In this week’s show, they had a guest whose name is Kostas. He contributed into their show by his voice with a good sound and also by his knowledge about physiology, especially depression. They presented in the show together and the listeners of Den Birazi Show could hear a man’s voice in the show 🙂 Also USB office had another visitor named Marcus from Sweden, who does his EVS in Thessaloniki. Nowadays, he is planning to make a Blues show for the fans of Blues in USB radio. Let’s see what will happen in the coming days.


“American Accent” was here like Kilroy 🙂

Hannah and Maija, who study in American College of Thessaloniki, visited USB office on this Monday, 23rd of January. Hannah has come from Alabama, the USA and Maija with Serbian origin.

Thanks to their help, Aydan and Liisi prepared 3 interviews for the year of EVS. On that day, Liisi made an interview with Alexia Kalaitzi about the Blind Dates, about which i will write below, and Aydan made an another interview with Sophia and Eleni, who will go to Italy for a long-term EVS. If you wonder what they told about all these issues, it will better for you to follow our programs; because they will be broadcast on USB radio soon 😉 Stay tuned in us: http://www.usb-onair.gr/


Nobody feels the world in the way they feel!

Liisi, Llogari and Aydan, the volunteers of USB office, and Alexia were in the School for Blind Youngsters in Thessaloniki within the frame of a project and also you can see the picture of that day below:

They made an interview with blind young people about their activities and especially for their web radio. You can find their Facebook pages here: https://www.facebook.com/TheBlindDates. They introduced their web radio and Llogari recorded them in camera. After a while you will see that video in USB’s youtube channel. Wait for us!




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