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Last Week’s Digest January 20, 2012

Posted by usbngo in Older Posts.

Renewing means getting fresh!

We has renewed our webpage in a very tasty way as USB office people  We are sure that you will like it because it includes very fresh ‘’ingredients’’ in it.

First of all, we have added a new button as ‘’Music News’’ in our web page. This button will show you the newest music and some gossip news about famous people. It is updated daily and thanks to this change, you will learn news about music world in the same moment.

The second change is we have added ‘’Top Ten Hit List’’ to make you feel fresh J Because every week the list is updated with the newest songs. If you follow it, you will be considered as the coolest person among your friends thanks to knowing all new songs 😉

Also, we have added Facebook and Twitter buttons by which you can like us and follow us in social media. You can be informed about USB activities by using these channels.

An EVS Visitor from Athens!

We had a Turkish visitor named Handan coming from Olimpic Village, Athens in USB office. She is a short-term EVS in said village and will be back in Turkey after 10 days. Liisi and Aydan went out together with Handan and they had Rakomelo and Retsina in a cool place as you see in the photo below.

Let’s learn about short-term EVS: It is European Volunteer Service lasting from 1 to 3 months in European Countries. Volunteers do the same job as the long-term EVS volunteers but for a short time. They also have the opportunity to travel in the other countries. For this reason, this is great opportunity for young people 🙂

Estonian and Turkish Humor, Together 🙂

Liisi and Aydan, volunteers of USB office, are making a show named ‘’Den Birazi’’ on every Wednesday. ‘’Den Birazi’’ means ‘’Never Mind’’ in English and their program does really make the listeners forget everything by having fun J They are talking about daily agenda, cinema, music, sports, concerts and etc etc, in summary about everything! Their show deserves to be listened because of the humor it has 😉

Listen to these girls with humour on every Wednesday at 12 Oclock and have fun!

What a ‘’Glorious’’ poster 🙂

You can see poster of USB logo made by Liisi, who is one of the USB volunteers.

She created and painted this poster for a week. This poster also represented us in the NGO’s party, taking place in Block 33, on event of Thess de Thess.



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