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Last Week’s Digest November 18, 2011

Posted by usbngo in Older Posts.

 Let’s get ready for NGOs’ party!

There will be a NGOs’ party in Block 33 after 8.30 p.m. at the date of 27th November 2011. About 35 NGOs will get together in 5 p.m. and support Thess-Diktio by representing themselves. And if you ask what these NGOs will do in this club, answer is: they will introduce them to other NGOs by playing games, performing workshops and broadcasting videos telling about them. After these activities finish at 7 p.m. other members of NGOs, friends of these members and also friends of these friends, okaaay, let’s say everybody will gather in the club and will get ready to have fun. This party has the idea in its mind that much more people means much more opportunity for NGOs to be well-known., yes-yes like becoming a ‘star’.

As U.S.B., we are involved in the organizing team for this activity and getting prepared for the night.

For advertising the activity, we have made a Radio Spot, link of which is below and you can listen it now:

Radio Spot Thess Diktio

As you see the place, which will take part in, is a club, you can be sure it will be a funny party! We will be waiting for you; come and let us get you entertain!



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