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Last Week’s Digest November 7, 2011

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Volunteers Hand in Hand

We had volunteers in U.S.B. office from American College of Thessalonikion on 2nd November of 2011. 7 students coming from Northern Eastern University in United States of America have been performing an activity about sensitive issues in Balkan area. In this week, they made a colorful map including Balkan countries and they made a video which is uploaded in Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QGZ4BXCAsgU&feature=feedu

Melissa, who was one of these American students, said they were trying to raise tolerance towards LGBT issue in the society. Converting strict social climate into open minded ambiance is the main purpose of their activities. In the future, when they finished their map about Balkan countries it will go on the wall to bring out the meaning of our NGO. United Societies of Balkans NGO idea is to integrate, unite and activate Balkan countries.  Focus is on youngsters as far as Thessaloniki and North-Greece is very multicultural area of Greece and young people can gain from this.

Balkan Ambiance

As U.S.B. we had an activity named Balkan Vista in the central library of Thessalonikion on 3rd December 2011. Alexia and Giorgos showed some presentations the audience about Balkan countries. After making a short speech about Greece-related artistic works of Balkan writers, Alexia and Aydan read a poem of Bulent Ecevit, ex-president ofTurkey and writer of the poem of “Blue Magic”, in Turkish and Greek languages. Following the presentation aboutAlbania, Bedhri, an Albanian poet, read a poem. Then, thanks to guitar show in Balkan music, the audience was got into the Balkan ambiance. In summary, it was a beautiful evening full of Balkan smell.

Mediovama- Radio Workshop

U.S.B. joined a radio workshop taking place in FM 101 and got valuable information about radio programming and using radio equipments efficiently. Palmyva Arslanoglou informed the audience about how a radio station was run, how a programmer made a radio program and how equipments such as mixer, microphone were used during the broadcast. Alexia, Llogari and Aydan from U.S.B had an opportunity of getting information about radio stations and having an interesting experience about radio broadcast.



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