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Last Week’s News Digest October 24, 2011

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Short but effective!

Thess International Short Film Festival took place from the date of 19th October until 22nd October 2011 in Thessaloniki and U.S.B. went to that festival on 19th October, 2011. The films selected for the festival were from various countries likeCroatia,Greece,U.K., Turkey etc. There were broadcasted 15 films and the longest of them lasted 24` and the shortest film lasted just 3 minutes. Two of these films attracted attention of audience:

The first one was a film named ‘Ridicula’ fromSpain, the most effecting film in the festival. It was about a woman having a boring and monotonous life; in other words a life which is ridiculous. But the film’s story style was so different that it was a pleasure to looking at life from an alternate viewpoint.

Another grabby film was ‘Dead on Time’ fromGreece. The film was alike a Tarantino movie and telling a story of a girl and a boy coming across with gangsters. The film’s primary aim was to shock audience in many times with various editing sections and it was really shocking.

It was a really exciting experience for U.S.B. volunteers to watch various films from various countries and see cultural differences on cinematic grounds.

Strike stroke us, too

As everyone knows economic crisis in Greecehas dramatic effects on lives of all citizens and in the last strike on 19-20th October of 2011 U.S.B. was also affected adversely. Because of the strike, our 7 students fromAmericanCollege couldn’t come to U.S.B. office and perform their practices. Thus, we had to postpone our activities to another date; yes, the strike stroke us but couldn’t stop us.



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