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News Digest from the end of September to 16th of October October 17, 2011

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For last weeks we were busy in many fields:  Biennàle 3, our U.S.B. webradio, working with students from American College of Thessaloniki and having a new volunteer in the office – Aydan from Turkey!

 Performance of Regina Jose Galindo

U.S.B. Volunteers Liisi, Llogari and Maria and Olympia Datsi (she is working in Biennàle 3 as volunteer) visited Biennàle 3 on 20th of September, and saw a performance of Guatemalan artist Regina Jose Galindo. They made interview and video with a performance artist and found out her personal attitude towards modern art and her own pretty violent performance against her own body. Video is sadly forbidden in Youtube, because it consists of nudity.

You can see her webpage here: http://www.reginajosegalindo.com/

Ignoring The Past is Condemning the Future

U.S.B. had “Ignoring The Past is Condemning the Future” projects final Pressconference on the 27th of September. There a press officer of U.S.B. Alexia Kalaitzi,  a president of U. S. B. Aristodimus Parashou, responsible og legal affairs of U. S. B. Giorgos Pliakos, Aleksandra Cvetkovska representer of FYROM`s organization CID, Vladislav Pethov representer of Bulgarian organization Pakiv Network, Alexandrou Ailiesiei a representer of Rumenia and a documentary film main character Giorgos Paloglou shared their thoughts how the project went and from all that came out the thought that Nazi  repressions are not history its ongoing horror in our nowadays, only that how we can avoid it again and we are able to learn from it. You can look video about press conference in here: http://www.youtube.com/user/ngoUSB#p/u

American College Students in U.S.B. 

We have 7 students from American College of Thessaloniki doing their practice in our organization since 29th of September.  So far we have done research about Balkan countries with them and they are making LGBT theme movie clips.

Candles love Concerts

On 8th October, 2011 the U.S.B. volunteers participated in a concert, which was one of the activities in a biennial organized in Thessaloniki. Aydan and Llogari, two of the volunteers, and Olympia, the mentor of the volunteers, and Giorgos witnessed an interesting activity. A music group from Valencia (Spain) made a show with their instruments to their audience. In a crowded saloon there were different types of instruments and talented musicians. They used sounds of different objects like candle and match. It was really different to hear basic sounds from daily life in a concert. You can see the photos taken during the concert below.

Thanks to social activities like this, the U.S.B. volunteers can get involved in vivid social life of Thessaloniki.

Watching films together is as tasty as the movie named Together

The U.S.B. organized a movie night on 16th October, 2011 for all cinema lovers. The film of the night is a Swedish film named Tillsammans

(Together) having begun to play in 2000. It was a Lukas Moodysson film full of instantiations and it really has noticeable things to say in a funny way.  The film is dealing with commune life in summary. It shows pictures from a house full of people living together. It also mentions about loneliness, love, power of being ‘together’, socialists converting into hippies without an aim if life etc. If you like films making you think in details, you surely also like this movie.

You can watch the trailer of the film by the link below:


And also you can listen to the song you will always hear during the film

Abba- Sos




1. Mckeyhan - October 25, 2011

Aqui surt el Llogari i això esta molt be.

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